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Lots of lifestyles and floorpans




We work and are licensed with most of the builders in Central and South Florida. Since they all have many different floorplans and standard features according to each community, we believe it is much better to show you some of the examples for each case and also some general information for each type of home. 

You could be interested in properties in our area for one or several reasons. Mainly, buyers in our area are interested in properties for one of the following purposes:

  • Owner occupied homes

  • Second homes or vacation properties

  • Investment properties

There are 2 basic ways to differentiate each type of properties, based on the main purpose of use and amenities associated:

  • Residential homes​ which usually are located in school districts

  • Vacation homes which are mostly located near main attractions in the area

Depending on your budget and preference; then you can pick between these types of options:

  • Single family homes

  • Townhomes and bungalows

  • Condominiums and apartments

  • Luxury homes

To see directly what is available through 2 of my platforms, I have open access to most of them so you can click any of the followings screens to see options or you can contact me directly:

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