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Setting the right price for your property is a delicate balancing act. Aim too high and your home might sit on the market for months, and possibly not sell at all. Price it too low and you miss the potential for a more lucrative outcome. A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is a document we draw from the (MLS) database, where we present pricing information, property details and photos of homes similar to yours (termed “comps”) that recently sold, failed to sell, or are currently on the market in your area. Once you approve it, we will go live!

How buyers find out about your home?

As detailed above, strategically preparing and pricing your home are fundamentals to attract serious, financially qualified buyers. Equally important is reaching the maximum number of potential buyers with your home listing.

Today, the Internet, mobile apps, and direct contact with a real estate professional are the main sources of home information for searching buyers. Other sources are yard signs, open houses, newspaper and real estate magazine ads, homebuilders, and television.

The Internet has revolutionized real estate advertising. Accordingly, it’s a must that you select a real estate professional with a robust online marketing strategy. The main items Internet buyers look for are: 

  • Property photos

  • Detailed property information

  • Virtual tours

  • Both home and community information


We offer a wide range of options for maximizing your property’s exposure, including:

  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS)®

  • Company website(s) Personal website(s)

  • Social media sites like Facebook® and Twitter® Craigslist

  • Notifying potential buyers and referral sources in their database

  • Open houses

  • Direct mail and email campaigns

  • Networking within the local community

  • Real Estate Search mobile applications

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